about tashie

I'm Tasha.

I was born on a rainy day in the middle a the horrible drought in 1980.  My mom and dad have been married for over 30 years and are best buddies.  I have two younger siblings... that aren't quite so little anymore.  I had a childhood of tree climbing, creek-grass tunneling, fireflies, imagination, giggles, best friends, religion, school, Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Bright, shake-with-excitement traditions.

I live in the land of big, gorgeous skies, of contradictions, of my birth - Oklahoma.  For all it's faults, it has many beauties, wonders, and baskets full of hope.  At the end of the day, I like living here where people are quick to smile, where family is close, where change bursts forth and delightedly sprouts left and right because we're getting there, where laws are in place to allow me to guide my children how I desire, where thunderstorms and sunsets light up the sky and steal my breath. 

I am a writer, creative being, reiki practitioner, home educator, student of herbalism, wife, mama, friend.  I believe in love, laughter, law of attraction, dancing and the power of movement, novels, creativity, writing down dreams at 3am, capturing memories, postal letters, the wisdom of the body, the inherent beauty in all people, deeper meaning in everyday moments, angels, silliness, conversation, dedication, reliability, authenticity, self-appreciation, nature walks, pausing and breathing, purring kitties, 70 degree weather, all things good and glowing and alive.  

I share my home, love, and life with my family:

My husband of 14+ years, Ryan.  A programmer analyst and inspiring musician, full of compassion, wit, and Scorpio energy.

My eleven year old son, K.  An artist, writer, naturalist, observer, innovator.  Sensitive, deeply kind, sometimes mischievous, always full of fresh ideas.

October 2011.

Being silly in between big laughs.  May 2008.

 My eight year old daughter, A.  A nurturer, helper, artist, naughty-biscuit. :D  Truly the personification of summer: brightest sunshine, rumbling storms. 

September 2011.  On the left.
From March 2011.  She's grown so much this year, wow!

My four year old son, J.  He very, very much wanted into this family and world.  I knew this based on his insistent per-conception and prenatal communication and I see it now everyday.  He's robust, persistent / determined / focused, observant, a big kid in a little body (according to him), gleeful.

October 2011.

January 2011.

This blog is me, my life, what I love, what I do, what I think about.  A journey made one step at a time. xoxo.