"If you think of a stream it is obvious why it must have strong banks; without them it becomes a flood or a swamp. It's quite similar for the child. For the child we are those banks. Children have not yet grown into the consciousness that will one day serve as a strong, self-directed river bank. Strong banks do not oppress them, any more than they oppress a river. Rather they give them the necessary support to burst up and rush forward filled with the zest and strength of a spring stream." (From the Enki Website.)

This completely resonates with my way of parenting and homeschooling.  I believe children are wise, deserving of respect, and utterly unique sparks in this Universe.  I, however, also believe my role as a parent and educator is very hands-on and important to my children's foundations.  Honoring my role does not diminish their beauty or our mutual respect. 

We live.  We embrace new experiences.  We explore.  We have time in nature.  We enjoy open space for imaginative play and deep thought.  We read, dance, volunteer, visit with buddies, talk, laugh, question.  We do activities for reading, writing,  math, science, history, philosophy, and whatever-else-thrills so that the kids have a good foundation for their futures while being enabled to enjoy every second of their present. 

I don't prohibit any form of entertainment or learning, but I don't think all learning is created equally.  I find that movement, hands-on, interactive, and personalized learning best nurtures the children.  I don't consider technology at a young age optimal or equal to the more holistic forms of learning, but I also don't think it's harmful in moderation.

Parents do what they feel is best for their children.  For mine?  I'm all about the middle path when at all possible.  And joy.  Lots of joy.