Thursday, January 23, 2014

(last) week of learning

Last week's learning included:

Solar power projects -


The creation (K) & documentation (A) of road rules for driving in the backyard -


(J received the most parking tickets due to those rules...)


Weather stuff -




The creation of a world, including a terrain map, detailed street maps, an active economy (including job earnings, daily expense & bill deductions, auctions, etc) by K (not even an "assignment") -


(A notebook full of street views...)


... And more! :)

Also, our picture book reading included: The Whole Green World by Tony Johnson, Pezzettino by Leo Lionni, Clouds by Valerie Bodden, Earth to Audrey by Susan Hughes, Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert, Let There Be Peace On Earth by Jill Jackson, Shadow by Suzy Lee, The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola, Down Comes The Rain by Franklyn Branley, selections from The Return of the Light by Carolyn Edwards. 

My personal favorite of the bunch was Earth to Audrey.  It's about a boy who notices the a little girl named Audrey playing.  She's a dreamer, sees and interacts with the world differently than other kids, so he concludes that she must be an alien.  They embark on a great summer friendship.

We stretched out our arms and legs, starfish-like.
"I can feel the Earth holding me," Audrey said, smiling.
"Me too," I said, surprised.

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