Tuesday, April 1, 2014

dandelions & stamped glee

I have indeed sent mail! :D

Swapbot exchange about favorite flower or animals -


Valentine's cards -


Swapbot exchange; modified this into a daily journal - 


Swapbot exchange; blurry wonder... and my battery died and allowed no others.  Spring Spirit with crystals / stones and a bundle of nature photos -


In Febuary, I mailed: 12 letters, 9 postcards, 2 swaps, and 5 pieces of randomness.

I had one week of slouch-around-the-house-due-to-allergies which helped me to go through some extra letters.  Nice silver lining!  Soooo, in March, I mailed: 18 letters,  10 postcards, 3 swaps, and 3 random things.  

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