Tuesday, April 1, 2014

rainbows & robots & daily life

March kind of, um, marched right on along, didn't it?  :D  Mostly cell-quality, but a little look at our month in photos:

The bright light to the left of the sun was actually a rainbow ball.  (Yep, official term.)  Couldn't quite capture it in photo, but here's to trying!



At a National Weather Center tour -



What do I do when I'm waiting somewhere, glancing through a magazine, and find an amazing quote that I want to tear right out?  I take a photo!


The kids have made lots of robots this month.  The first round:

K's -


A's -


J's -


Sometimes J also gets on an art-create mission where he explores one topic really thoroughly.  He made loooottttts of Christmas trees.  Such as:




Homeschool group show & tell.  The following four photos are by one of the dads in our group, Brett:





Outside play -



Visiting my sister's chicks -


Delayed holiday gifts from my friend Christy, wheee!




What's not shown here?  Hm.  Well, some random things, though certainly not comprehensive:

  • I've been going to a chiropractor twice per week.  He claims my remaining knee issues are due primarily to a pelvic misalignment.  I can't say whether that's true or not yet, regardless of x-rays, but time will tell.  (I'm only allowing below-shoulder adjustments for safety, by the way.)  Don't love them, don't hate them.  What I do like?  The relaxed acupuncture afterward.  What I love?  The 10 minute massage after that.  Oh yeah. :D

  • I'll did blood & saliva tests to investigate really low cholesterol.  Results back the second week of April.

  • I did reiki training for someone.  Nice to get back into teaching and attuning!

  • We were told previously that the freon leak in our central a/c unit would be impossible to find.  Someone found & repaired it for us, yay!  Pricey, but so much less than replacing.  A relief.

  • In an attempt to continue tightening / tracking / bettering our food budget, I decided to try something new.  At the very end of March, I bought all of April's groceries except for weekly water & lunch meat (which Ry picks up) and what I'll buy at two farmer's market trips.  That's a lot of food!  I had funny looks, but I'm quite pleased.  It opens up the time each week I'd be grocery shopping, allows us to avoid random splurges at the store each time, helps us to better focus and plan.  We'll see how it goes.

  • My sis and I have explored three spiritual centers / churches this year over several weeks.  I've finally settled on the one that enriches me and makes me feel good.  (Nope, not converted to Christianity. :D)

  • That's enough randomness, right?  Right?? :)
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