Sunday, September 14, 2014

elemental music

There's a country song out right now that I really love.  It embodies - perfectly - the energy of Earth.  This made me think of my favorite songs that capture the essence of the elements.  Here are some I came up with:


The song that started this:

"Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line.

You get your hands in it, plant your roots in it, dusty head lights dance with your boots in it (dirt).  You write her name on it, spin your tires on it, build your corn field, whiskey bonfires on it (dirt).  You bet your life on it.  It's that elm shade, red roads clay you grew up on, that plowed up ground that your dad damned his luck on.  ... The mud on her jeans that she peeled off and hung up, her blue eyed summertime smile looks so good that it hurts.  Makes you wanna build a 10 percent down white picket fence house on this dirt.  You've mixed some sweat with it, taken a shovel to it.  You've stuck some crosses and some painted goal posts through it (dirt).  You know you came from it (dirt), and some day you'll return to...

"Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore.

Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams and a house on a piece of land.  We'll plant some roots and some apple trees.  Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams.  Life's a long and winding ride, better have the right one by your side.  Happiness don't drag its feet, and time moves faster than you think...


"Slow and Steady" by Of Monsters and Men.

The lights go out, I am all alone.  All the trees outside are buried in the snow.  I spend my night dancing with my own shadow, and it holds me and it never lets me go.  I move slow and steady, but I feel like a waterfall.  Yeah, I move slow and steady past the ones that I used to know.  My dear old friend, take me for a spin.  Two wolves in the dark, running in the wind.  I'm letting go, but I've never felt better, passing by all the monsters in my head.

"Hour Follows Hour" by Ani DiFranco. 

Hour follows hour like water follows water, everything is governed by the rule of one thing leads to another. ... Why do you try to hold on to what you'll never get a hold on?  You wouldn't try to put the ocean in a paper cup.  'Cause I have had something to prove as long as I know there's something that needs improvement, and you know that every time I move, I make a woman's movement.  And first you decide what you've gotta do, then you go out and do it.  And maybe the most we can do is just to see each other through it.  Hour follows hour like water in a river and from one to the next...

Honorary Mention for lyrics: "Where The River Flows" by Collective Soul (Off upon my journey I must go to where the river flows.  I'll give you answers to the questions you have yet to ask.).


"Butterfly" by The Pale.

Tonight the moon is a desk lamp, the world is a page. ... I am the butterfly, shed my father's clothes... No, no, never been lost, always knew my way home, but that vacancy of shoulders is the reason I have flown. 

"Airplanes" by B.O.B. & Haley Williams.

But that's just how the story unfolds, you get another hand soon after you fold and when your plans unravel in the sand.  What would you wish for if you had one chance?  So airplane, airplane, sorry I'm late.  I'm on my way so don't close that gate.  If I don't make that then I'll switch my flight and I'll be right back at it by the end of the night.  Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?  I could really use a wish right now, Wish right now, wish right now.

Honorary mention for lyrics: "Fly Away" by Sugarland (I wanna sleep under a different piece of sky.  I wanna live a little bit before I die.  I wanna be so close to heaven I see angels.  Fly Away...).


Unlike the others, this isn't a song I really love.  I'm not a huge fan of Ellie Goulding or the over-electro sound of this song, but its lyrics are too spot on to not be featured here fully for fire.  "Burn" by Ellie Goulding.

They gonna see us from outer space, outer space.  Light it up, like we're the stars of the human race, human race.  When the light started out they don’t know what they heard.  Strike the match, play it loud, giving love to the world.  We'll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky 'cause we got the fire, fire, fire and we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn.

I have more work to do on the fire section because the others that I thought of that mention fire primarily encompass the destructive aspects of the element only.  And, Spirit is for another day too.  I had fun though. :D 

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