Friday, November 7, 2014

thankful - 1 - sense of home

Okay, so I know it's November 7th.  Seventh!!  I still want to do 34 posts of thankfulness.  (Thirty four because that's what I turned this year.)  I may go into December or have a handful of days where I do multiple, but... thankfulness is good anytime anyway.

(I should note, I'm going to do a little mini-flood of posts, but then I'll do my best to not have a backlog. :D)


The first thing I'm thankful for is having a place to call home.  A structure that feels warm, sturdy, safe, ours.  The land around it that says hellohello as I walk along its soil, among its trees, touch its flowers.  The people I share this space with, that help fill it with love, laughter, human storms, human glee.

I had let the front porch get a bit too dusty and cluttered.  I remedied that earlier this week and also made our porch table more welcoming.


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