Saturday, November 15, 2014

thankful - 11 - homeschooling

There are many, many reasons I like homeschooling.  It allows my kids to delve deeper into their personal interests, to value learning and growth rather than just tests and performance, to flow with the currents of creativity, to have their childhoods truly extended, to spend time together.

We don't do a school-at-home approach really.  We have a lot of open space and time for them to learn and explore, but we also do things together.  This last week, one thing we did together was a philosophy discussion about time.  It included highlights from them like: Time is a clockwork.  Time is ticking.  Time is steampunk.  Time is a circle like a clock with each part as a season.  Time is a long and never-ending line.

After we had our talk, they did art pieces with watercolor pencils. 



He asked if I wanted a normal expression or professional.  I went with pro and this is what he came up with:





J's (that also had something to do with an alien space ship? :D):




I'm deeply thankful to have the opportunity to homeschool my children. 

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