Tuesday, November 18, 2014

thankful - 17 - e.e. cummings & words

I love E.E. Cummings' work, how he played with words, form, and emotions, how he saw the world.  Really, though, I love words, how they can mingle together to create something meaningful, lasting, bigger, and amazing to the ears (and soul).  I'm thankful to have this exposure.  

Yesterday, I read the kids The Old Man Who Said "Why"  from Fairy Tales, a collection of stories Cummings wrote for his child.  The ending makes me immensely happy:

And the little old man smiled; and looking at the fearie, he said "why?" and he fell millions and millions and millions of deep cool new beautiful miles ( and with every part of a mile he became a little younger; first he became a not very old man and next a middle-aged man and then a young man and a boy and finally a child ) until, just as he gently touched the earth, he was about to be born.  

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