Sunday, November 23, 2014

thankful - 21 - lights!

I know they use electricity and resources, but I've always loved Christmas lights.  They brought me a sense of awe as a child, and they still do.  Each year, we go for a walk through a fairy-tale-lit area and also do a drive around to oooooh and ahhhhhh (sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, weather & mood dependent).  Though we don't do anything elaborate, we always try to add a little something to our front window (and then non-light festivity to our porch) because it's pretty and makes my kids reeeeeaaaaally excited.  I won't do our tree / etc until December, but we did our window decor this weekend.  The kids were v.e.r.y. thrilled to get something up.  It's simple, but happy.  And, er, chilly. :D

Thankful for the ever-present wonder brought on by something as simple as lights.


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