Friday, November 28, 2014

thankful - 26 - friendship

I have amazing friends, though distance is certainly a theme in my life.  I've never needed a large number as much as depth and quality.  I have friends I've known for 15 years and ones that I've gotten close with over the last couple of years, a blend of very regular contact and occasional (but with the clear understanding that I can still depend upon them).  They are a blend of fierce, opinionated, kind, authentic, devoted, trustworthy, creative, bright-bright-bright lights.  They are soul family that I've been gifted, that I love, and I'm incredibly thankful. 

Interestingly, my second dominate "love type" is words of affirmation.  While there's not romance :), I really do appreciate when people open up and say through words - spoken or written - what matters deep down.  Some recent mail, for instance, has touched me.  (I think I'm removing enough content that it's okay to share here.)






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