Monday, November 10, 2014

thankful - 9 - cats

I'm thankful for the four cats who share our home and hearts.  They each have their strengths, quirks, things that drive us crazy, things that make them absolutely loveable. 

Calla Aura Boom has been good for me, for our family of humans and cats.  Prior to rescuing her back in August, I had a dream about a calico cat.  It was one full of happiness and affection.  While in the "wild", Calla didn't show signs of that level of affection.  She was tame for a feral kitty, but she was still a feral kitty and quite reserved.  Ry encouraged me to follow my dream instinct, and so we brought her home.  She was so incredibly tiny.  We were able to influence a lot of the traits that she developed (such as her willingness to be held and carried around), and her own unique Self shined through as well.  She's an amazingly affectionate, playful cat... and loooooves laps.  In turn, laps sort of love her. :D

Last night, as I was relaxed on my chair trying to write letters, she attempted to get on my lap.  That would have impeded my writing progress.  She made due with my restrictions: she squeezed right next to me.  (The blue/green flowers = my legs/leggings.)  THEN, Doodle squeezed onto her.  It didn't look that comfy, but they seemed quite happy for awhile. :D


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